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Goods in Transit

This provides cover for the loss or damage to various types of goods while in transit by road, rail or any inland waterway. The Policy provides Indemnity against Accidental Loss or Damage to goods belonging to or for which the Insured is responsible whilst:

  • Being loaded upon or unloaded from any Vehicle, Trailer or Wagon
  • In Transit on any Motor Vehicle, Trailer or Wagon
  • Temporarily housed in the course of transit

The cover can be arranged to give protection for goods carried either

  • On specified vehicles or trailers owned by the proposer or
  • On any vehicle or trailer owned by the proposer or
  • Any specified vehicle hired or being used by the proposer or
  • Whilst being transported by any road or rail transporters hired by the proposer

During transit, the policy covers the risk of loss or damage occasioned by

  • Fire
  • Lightning.
  • Breakage of Bridges.
  • Collision with or by the Carrying Vehicle.
  • Over-turning of the Vehicle.
  • Derailment or accidents of like nature to the wagon.

The cover commences when the goods are being loaded on to the transporting Vehicle and ceases once the goods are unloaded at the final destination.

In the event of the Vehicle or Wagon not completing the transit for any reason whatsoever, the policy extends to cover the property whilst being transferred to and conveyed by any on-carrying vehicle.

Corporate Solutions

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