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COMESA PTA Yellow Card

The Yellow Card is an equivalent of a policy of insurance recognized as a valid motor insurance certificate and evidence of a guarantee to provide the compulsory minimum insurance cover required by the laws of the participating states party to the Scheme, in which accidents have occurred in respect of vehicles from other member countries.

The third-party motor vehicle insurance scheme, otherwise known as the Yellow Card, is a regional insurance card system recognized by participating states party to the yellow card scheme as evidence of guarantee in compliance with the national laws or regulations governing liability in respect of motor vehicle accidents.

The Card is standard and uniform in appearance throughout the Yellow Card Scheme region so that it can be readily identified and accepted as a certificate of insurance at border posts.

Participation In The Scheme

The Scheme operates between the participating states that have fulfilled the requirements for implementation of the scheme and have signed the Inter-Bureaux Agreement and the Constitution on the Establishment of the Yellow Card Reinsurance Pool.
The current participating states of the Scheme are Djibouti, Burundi, Dr Congo, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Libya, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Sudan, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia & Zimbabwe.

Policies Applicable

The types of motor insurance policies applicable for the Yellow Card cover shall be:

  • Private Car,
  • Motorcycle, and
  • Commercial Vehicle insurance policies.

Scope of Cover: The Minimum Compulsory Cover

The Yellow Card shall provide the minimum compulsory third party motor vehicle liability Insurance cover, as required by the law in force in the territories of the participating states in the Scheme when the vehicles insured are transiting or visiting such other territories.

Corporate Solutions

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